Bogdan Ozga-Zieliński, Jerzy Brzeziński (red.), Adynkiewicz-Piragas M., i inni:

Metody obliczania charakterystyk przepływu rzecznego

The hydrological guidebook is a compendium of knowledge about calculation methods for characteristic discharge rate used by IMGW-PIB measuring network (national scale measurements). A set of methods recommended for use in engineering practice has been provided.


Sowińska K., Stolarska M., Gurwin J. i inni:
Opracowanie projektu Planu przeciwdziałania skutkom suszy w regionie wodnym Dolnej Wisły wraz ze wskazaniem obszarów najbardziej narażonych na jej skutki

The publication contains analyzes for the basin of the lower Vistula. Mentioned Issues: the concept of drought (and its stages) and indicators describing it, analysis of the occurrence of the drought phenomenon, methods of analyzing the occurrence of the hydrological drought, identification and hierarchization of areas threatened by drought.


Navarro R. S., Schmidt G. i inni:

The study contains a description of issues related to the hydrological regime, in this ecosystem context, estimation of flows and issues of ecological flow in the context of the WFD.


Cooke J., Jowett I., i inni:
Draft Guidelines for the Selection of Methods to Determine Ecological Flows and Water Levels

The report is based on the experience of the Ministry of the Environment in New Zealand in the field of assessment of methods for defining ecological flows in line with national environmental standards. The report covers issues in the aspect of rivers, lakes (water areas) and groundwater.


WMO 2009:
Manual on Low-flow Estimation and Prediction

In the Manual are analitical procedures for estimating and predicting low river flowa at all sites, regardless of the availability of observational ata. The Maual will be usefull for many applications, including water resources planning, effluent dilutation estimates and water resources management during low-flow conditions.


Jarząbek A., Sarna S., Karpierz M.:
Ochrona przed suszą w planowaniu gospodarowania wodami metodyka postępowania

The handbook discusses issues such as: drought terminology, drought susceptibility assessment, drought risk assessment by use of indicators, recommended indicators for use in Poland, drought monitoring in Poland is described, and a catalog of actions to counteract the effects of drought is described.


Rybczyńska-Szewczyk a., Rentfleisz A., Szewczyk J., i inni:
Plan przeciwdziałania skutkom suszy w regionach wodnych Środkowej Odry, Izery, Metuje, Łaby i Ostrożnicy (Upa), Orlicy i Morawy

Analyzes for the basin of south-western Poland (the basin of the Central Oder) were done, including issues such as: indicators for specification of stages of drought, areas threatened by drought, and ways to counteract the effects of drought (a catalog of measures to prevent effects of drought).